Where it all began…

My name is Angharad and I’m the founder of Strawberry Week.

Strawberry Week was created after a particularly rough period during the first lockdown of 2020. I was frustrated that I was unable to buy a face mask – the self-care kind – as they were deemed as ‘non-essential’ (try telling that to my hormonal skin). This led me to looking online for a self-care period service, but they were all out of my budget, and not good value for money in my opinion.

Treating yourself shouldn’t have to break the bank! And with Strawberry Week, self-care doesn’t break the bank. I wanted to create an affordable and accessible option for period self-care. I’m also a keen advocate for creating a no shame community around periods. I’m sure I’m not the only one who used to hide their period products up their sleeve when going to the toilet in school? Or at work? It’s crazy that there is still a stigma around menstruation in this day and age.


We have sourced certified organic cotton tampons, in biodegradable packaging. We are conscious of our impact on the environment and have found the most sustainable tampons that we could! Our mailer bags are also fully compostable.



No person should ever have to go without period products or basic self care items. Period poverty is a serious issue that we are aiming to be a part of the solution for.

In March 2022 we donated nearly 2,000 tampons to the appeal for Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Because periods don’t stop for war.

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